Privacy Policy

At One Minute Loans we understand the value of your personal details. Thus, special effort is given to maintain the privacy of the information that the borrowers provide us. To assure you that the confidential information that you provide us are never misused, we have given brief details of our privacy policies. Do go through them before browsing through the website.

There is no need of providing any of your personal information at One Minute Loans just to browse through the pages and the information available in the website. Besides, we never collect any detail about our customers without their knowledge.

The sole reason behind collecting your personal information is to assist you in finding a loan deal matching your circumstances. At One Minute Loans we will never sell or disclose them to any third party. However, we may share these details with other lenders in order to help you find a better deal.

We at One Minute Loans make use of log files like other websites. The information available inside log file is meant to keep a track of your visit and know your interest. We hold complete right to change the privacy policy of the website at any time. Any changes made by us will be published in the website. Therefore, visit us at regular interval to stay updated of the changes that we make.

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